Compact Stylish Ultra-Lightweight Tote Bag For Your Yoga Essentials

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Namaste: A Compact Stylish Ultra Lightweight Tote Bag for the Dedicated Yogis

Designed for the Yogis who want to travel light and free. This highly efficient compact design allows you to carry all your yoga essentials effortlessly.

  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT TRAVEL DESIGN: This ultra-lightweight tote bag allows you to carry all your essential yoga items (mat, large towel, straps, water bottle, flip flops etc.).

  • HOLD WITH COMFORT: The versatile design and adjustable straps allow you to adjust the bag to fit your personal size so you can carry all your yoga items easily and effortlessly.

  • TRANSPORT YOUR YOGA MAT SAFELY & CLEANLY: The adjustable straps securely store your yoga mat on the outside top of the bag, allowing your mat to be constantly ventilated so it breathes, stays fresh and minimizes odor. Additionally, this design prevents it from touching any dirty floor or surfaces during transport.

  • DURABLE & MADE TO LAST: Constructed with non-tear technology to withstand the toughest challenges, it will not rip or shred.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: Clean with just one simple easy wipe. The waterproof surface material makes it easy to maintain and keep clean, so you can spend more time on your Yoga sessions.

  • Size: 8” x 8” x 4" approx. (20cm x 20cm x 10cm)

  • Material: Waterproof and extremely durable

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